Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Alcove Bookcases

Just got these finished yesterday, no fitting pictures because I forgot....
But these were quite straightforward, with the openings level and straight with minimal scribing to do. They are predominantly made from moisture resistant MDF, with the shelves, doors, and bottom face frames made from Beech. The house is Edwardian, the moldings on the doors and the edge treatment for the tops reflect this period.

These were painted with Farrow & Ball estate eggshell, to match the clients existing woodwork.
Thanks for looking

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Oak Door Finished.

As promised, some finished pictures....

The clients were over the moon, I was just glad it fitted..

From the inside.

A closer view.

This was relatively easy to fit, but the cheese like bricks made getting the old frame out a long process. All in all it took about 1 1/2 hrs to get the frame out, it had to come out in pieces of about 6" long, because I didn't know where the owlets were, and just had to take it steady. The thought of losing one of the face bricks didn't bare thinking about.

I have a couple of Edwardian inspired alcove units to fit on Monday/Tuesday, so will update with some fitting pics, and some finished shots then. Thanks for looking.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Oak Front Door.

OK, I have just finished this Oak front door, The brief was simple...we want a solid Oak front door. Now this might seem simple at first, couple of stiles, bottom rail, top rail, a few panels, easy yes? Well what my clients wanted wasn't to be your bog standard frame and panel door, oh no what they wanted was a slab door. Now you can't make a door from one piece, that just isn't practical (though it would look nice), so I suggested that we made the door from five pieces and glue them together, this makes it a bit more stable for seasonal changes, but not foolproof. I'll just go ahead and show you the finished door I think.

You will notice that the head and the top of the door are curved, this made the whole door a joy to make (I will forget about lugging it about, though I doubt my back will).

You can see on the back how I have some very slightly raised bearers, how will they hold anything I hear you ask.

The answer is, I used large sliding dovetails.

I'm going to fit tomorrow, so will update with finished pictures then.
Thanks for looking.