Saturday, 10 March 2012

Oak and Ebony Handrail.

 This is one of the jobs I've been promising my wife I would do since before Christmas, now katie (thats my wife) is a bit more pregnant, she was having a bit of trouble getting up and down the stairs. I thought it high time I did something about it. I had time today to make and fit it, so thought I would start early this morning to get it done.

I needed four metres but only had two pieces measuring two metres, so a bit of lateral thinking was required. I decided that I would make a feature of the join with some ebony that I've had laying round for a year or five. I also needed to graduate the joins and the ends to be able to utilise the ebony's size.

I started with a couple of pieces measuring 2 m x 100 mm x 50 mm and shaved the corners off  at 12°, then bisected the corners with a rip saw and planed to the line.

I've skipped a few steps, like the turning (it wasn't pretty and I normally ask Johnny Taylor to do this but I needed it today), anyway I've turned a spigot on the end and then drilled a hole in the end of the rail and glued the ebony ball turnings in.

This is how the ends look finished and fitted, sorry about the child gates in the pictures but our two year old is quite nuts and would think nothing of jumping down the stairs, let alone falling down.

The join.

I like the intersection now, I wasn't sure at first but Katie gave it the thumbs up so good enough for me.

The whole run, with the statin steel brackets.

Hope that was of interest, I wasn't going to post, hence the lack of work in progress pictures. 
Thanks for looking.