Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Painted Bookcases.

Happy new year to all...Hope you had a good un! As they say around these parts.

These were the last job before the holidays, they are constructed entirely from Moisture Resistant MDF. Which I find to be a much higher quality board than the normal MDF, it machines much better than normal MDF,  leaves a better edge for painting, though you still need to use a sanding sealer prior to paint. It costs roughly double the cost of normal MDF, but its worth the extra cost for a better product. The shelves are laminated from three pieces of 13 mm MRMDF, this gives a very stiff board and will prevent sagging, and the bottom cabinets are to house some filing cabinets that the client wanted to hide.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I've never used that MDF but use the normal stuff all the time, it can act like a sponge if its used in the wrong place. what sealer do you normally use for it?

  2. Yes the normal MDF isn't much better than chipboard, but this stuff can be used in wetter areas provided its well sealed. The edges were sealed with a clear/blond shellac sanding sealer that I bought from ebay.