Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sycamore wardrobes

I'm sure its getting a bit boring seeing all these wardrobes I'm making at the moment, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. I have a couple of nicer(to make) pieces soon, a knee-hole desk with nine drawers, and a little shelf unit. Anyway here's a few progress shots of the large sycamore wardrobes, face frame fitted.

I decided to book-match all the door panels, I used most of the figured sycamore for this.

And all the doors fitted,  the drawers will be glued up tomorrow morning. There is a bookshelf unit going on the left-hand end, I am starting this tomorrow also.

Thanks for looking, and keep looking for the desk coming up :-).


  1. That's handsome. Like all the panels and I hope you will show a close-up of the bookmatching after the finish goes on.

    How do you join the face frame componets?

  2. Thanks Jeff, my wife wants the same in our new house. In fact I have a whole house to kit out with furniture so looks like I will be busy for the next year or two.
    The face frame is joined with domino's, and is held in place with the same. It's in three pieces so it can be transported, and will go up the stairs.

  3. Looks good Mark. The sycamore looks nice and clean was it from boddys or a specific grade?

  4. Cheers Jon, yes the timber was from boddys and I asked for clean with no defects, but not figured. Am I right in thinking that when sycamore gets to a certain size the weight of the tree crushes the fibres and you get the ripple/figure in the boards anyway?