Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oak ledged and braced doors

I've been meaning to get these finished for a couple of weeks, but have been tied up on the wardrobe job. These are going to look very traditional, and the oak is stunning. Starting with a pile of machined timber...

 Then apply the ledges and braces

Then nail, I'm using hand-made looking nails for this(that cost a small fortune), and they look great.

All nailed in place.

Two down one to go.

I will get these finished this week with a view to fit the following, thanks for looking.


  1. Are the boards tapered mate? They look great.

  2. Yes mate, I've seen some old doors around these parts done the same, I really like the effect, and might do my kitchen doors the same. There is no waste either, except the sap, which I wouldn't use anyway.

  3. I came back to this posting after seeing the whole room post because I wondered the same about the taper. When I first saw them here, I assumed a camera trick. I love that look; definitely something worth stealing, er, using. Well done. Like the nails, too. Have no idea where I could find that on this side of the pond.

  4. I am looking for an old barn or ledger and brace door in an old weathered timber look or an old chipped paint look with black cast hinges & slidder. Do you know where I can find one you can email me on Thanks Jacquie

  5. Hello Jacquie, I can only suggest you look in reclamation yards or check on ebay, they do come up from time to time.