Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Oak ledged and braced doors finished.

Just got these fitted today, clients were very happy, and they have something that cannot be bought off the shelf.

Rear of the door showing the continuous brace, only available when you buy custom made.

It was also a good opportunity to take some finished pic's of the wardrobes and cabinets I made for them recently. The clients have now decorated, and I think the new ledge and brace doors go rather well with the wardrobes. You might be able to see at the bottom of the picture, the hand made blanket chest I made a few months ago also.

Thanks for looking :-).


  1. Wow, very nice. Such a warm wood tone for the room. I can't remember from your previous post, but where did you get the door hardware?

  2. Thanks Jeff, the clients supplied the hardware, and sent it to me. But it came from...


    They have some nice stuff, and I believe its all forged in England.

  3. That whole room look stunning. I never realized until today that all those projects were for the same client. You likely said it, but sometimes I'm more drawn to the pictures :)

  4. Yeah I'm really pleased with that room overall, and have thought about making something similar for myself.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful room. Its very warm in color and I really like the cabinets over the bed. Good use of space.

  6. Thanks Brad, the clients were very happy, and also bought the blanket chest I posted on your site.