Sunday, 8 May 2011

Ash Wardrobes.

OK I will not be doing a step by step on this project, as its all old ground that I've already covered in previous posts. However there will be some elements that you might find interesting on the door and drawer panels, they are to be fielded from the centre of the panel, and will need a couple of adjustable jigs to be built. Here's how the panel will kind of look like...

And here's how far I've got since yesterday.

As you can see the drawers in the right hand one won't be straight forward, so I might cover the construction and fitting of those. I think I will also talk about timber selection and how I machine and deal with problems in the timber. Anyway thanks for looking.


  1. Ah looking forward to the drawers on the right... I'm starting a bathroom vanity and hate to lose so much space to the sink's P-trap so I thought of making horse-shoe shaped drawers to reach around the trap on either side (just 1 drawer most likely). While I could make two L-shaped drawers instead, it doesn't work with the carved drawer front :-/ So... I'll be watching for your solution! :)

  2. I've seen the horse-shoe shaped drawers on kitchen sink units Paul, its a good solution.