Sunday, 10 April 2011

Goose Neck Scraper

 OK I'm going to attempt to show how I sharpen a goose neck scraper...

This first video shows me flattening the scraper on my DMT fine stone.

This video shows how I then get the cutting edge flat, with a 90° block to guide me.

On this next section of video I using an oiled burnisher to prepare the edge for rolling over, my grandfather would use the back of his chisel for this operation, not a good one I hasten to add.


Then I roll the edge, I need to say here that you do not need a lot of force for this, and I just flick the burnisher over once or twice.

Give it a whirl, and nice shavings not crumbs or dust.


Sorry about the quality of the video but you get the gist, I hope it's of some interest, and thanks for looking.


  1. Thanks for this walk through. There's a lot out there on the rectangular scrapers, but little on the gooseneck. I've come to really love scrapping the final surfaces of my work.

  2. They are a very much underrated tool for sure, and the gooseneck is very handy for cleaning the machine marks out from mouldings, rather than sanding. which is both slow, and tedious.