Friday, 22 April 2011

A Bit More On the Painted Robe.

Got all the doors shot in and hung today, I used the little L/N 60 1/2 block plane for this, it performed brilliantly as you would expect. I just wish I'd took the plunge years ago.

All hung and swinging nicely.

There was just time to get all the drawer fronts fitted, before my father drags me down the pub for a couple of beers.  

I'm going to see how this ash behaves before I machine it all up, I have boards that are 27mm thick which I'm ripping in half with the hope to get the 10 mm drawer stock I need. If not there will be quite a bit of waste, or the drawer stock will be a bit thicker. I personally prefer a drawer with thin sides/back/front, so hope this ash will be OK come Sunday/Monday.

That's it on the robe for a day or two, thanks for looking, and I hope you are all having a nice Easter.


  1. "...before my father drags me down the pub for a couple of beers."

    Sounds like you have your priorties in order. Nice looking (big) project. Never made anything with ash. Keep us updated!

  2. Thanks Jeff. Thankfully I got away after two, my father on the other hand looked a bit worse for wear this morning.