Thursday, 17 March 2011

Painted Bookcase

It's been a while since I updated this Blog, I've been on a site for the last few weeks fitting floors, skirting's, and general carpentry work. I have also been doing a few jobs around the workshop, a new setting out bench, and filling the holes in the concrete(one sprained ankle too many). I will post a few pic's of the "improvements" next time. I had to make a MDF bookcase last week, I didn't do a wip as time was tight, but here it is finished...

It's almost identical to one I made before Christmas, The client saw that one on my website and wanted the same, but to cover the fusebox and still be accessible. 
I have some nice fitted oak wardrobes mid week next week so I will update with that every day.


  1. What type of finish? Just paint? Pigmented lacquer? Looking forward to the wardrobes next post.

  2. I'm starting to push for a hand painted finish nowadays, I don't have a decent spray area for pigmented A/C for a start. One of the other pro's(senior)on woodwork uk advocates a hand painted finish for all his painted work, and for ease of repair. I'm also using the hard wax oil instead of lacquer, unless asked for.

  3. Cheer's mate, the client was very happy.