Thursday, 3 February 2011

Finally Finished

Dentil moulding time, I thought I would make a jig for this. It didn't need to be fancy, just functional. if I was doing miles of the stuff, I think I would make a proper dedicated jig. On this one I just needed to have two 3x3mm to help with indexing. I didn't have the guard on for this throughout, so thought I would just super glue some guards in place.

Came out nice.

Here it is applied to where its going.

And that as they say is that, all finished except for polish.

Close up of some of the details.

Thanks for looking guys.


  1. The mantle looks great. What kind of polish? Look forward to future posts.

  2. Thanks Alex, love your Blog by the way. As for the fire surround, It's going to get a spray on acid catalyst polyurethane, mainly for durability.

  3. The fireplace looks really really good mate. This is quickly developing into one of my favourite blogs, please keep it up.

  4. Thanks Matty, I'm glad you like it. As for the blog, cheers bud, and I will keep it up. is there anything you would like to see more of, less of?